Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 4. Alternative Livestock Ranches

License Required -- Moratorium -- Penalty -- Seizure Of Illegally Possessed Animals

87-4-407. License required -- moratorium -- penalty -- seizure of illegally possessed animals. (1) A person may not operate an alternative livestock ranch in this state without having first obtained an alternative livestock ranch license from the department prior to November 7, 2000. A person may not apply for or be granted a license after that date.

(2) A person who operates an alternative livestock ranch without a license or possesses, transports, buys, or sells animals whose importation into the state is restricted pursuant to 87-4-424 is subject to the penalties provided in 87-6-705.

(3) Any animal held in violation of subsection (2) or otherwise illegally possessed may be immediately seized by the department and is subject to disposal by the department. Costs of seizure may be charged to the person in possession of the animal.

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