Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 1. Planning and Economic Development

Functions Of Department Of Commerce -- Economic Development

90-1-105. Functions of department of commerce -- economic development. The department of commerce shall:

(1) provide coordinating services to aid state and local groups and Indian tribal governments in the promotion of new economic enterprises and conduct publicity and promotional activities in connection with new economic enterprises;

(2) collect and disseminate information regarding the advantages of developing agricultural, recreational, commercial, and industrial enterprises within this state;

(3) serve as an official state liaison between persons interested in locating new economic enterprises in Montana and state and local groups and Indian tribal governments seeking new enterprises;

(4) aid communities and Indian tribal governments interested in obtaining new business or expanding existing business;

(5) (a) study and promote means of expanding markets for Montana products; and

(b) provide training and assistance for Montana small businesses and entrepreneurs to expand markets for made-in-Montana products;

(6) encourage and coordinate public and private agencies or bodies in publicizing the facilities and attractions of the state;

(7) explore the use of cooperative agreements, as provided in Title 18, chapter 11, part 1, for the promotion and enhancement of economic opportunities on the state's Indian reservations; and

(8) assist the state-tribal economic development commission established in 90-1-131 in:

(a) identifying federal government and private sector funding sources for economic development on Indian reservations in Montana; and

(b) fostering and providing assistance to prepare, develop, and implement cooperative agreements, in accordance with Title 18, chapter 11, part 1, with each of the tribal governments in Montana.

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