Montana Code Annotated 2003
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Part 1. Rate and Return of Tax

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15-30-101. Definitions.
15-30-102. Construction of net income.
15-30-103. Rate of tax.
15-30-104. Repealed.
15-30-105. Tax on nonresident.
15-30-106. Tax on lump-sum distributions.
15-30-107. Taxable liability on termination of independent liability fund.
15-30-108. Terminated.
15-30-109 reserved.
15-30-110. Exemption for gain on sale or exchange of certain capital assets.
15-30-111. Adjusted gross income.
15-30-112. Exemptions.
15-30-113. General definition of dependent.
15-30-114. Additional exemption for dependent child with a disability.
15-30-115. Physician's verification of disability required.
15-30-116. Veterans' bonus or military salary -- exemptions.
15-30-117. Net operating loss -- computation.
15-30-118 through 15-30-120 reserved.
15-30-121. Deductions allowed in computing net income.
15-30-122. Standard deduction.
15-30-123. Nondeductible items in computing net income.
15-30-124. Credit allowed resident taxpayers for income taxes imposed by foreign states or countries.
15-30-125. Credit for energy-conserving investments.
15-30-126. Small business corporation -- deduction for donation of computer equipment to schools.
15-30-127. Tax deductibility.
15-30-128. Credit for expense of caring for certain elderly family members.
15-30-129. Tax credit for providing disability insurance for employees.
15-30-130. Credit for day-care facilities.
15-30-131. Nonresident and temporary resident taxpayers -- adjusted gross income.
15-30-132. Change from nonresident to resident or vice versa.
15-30-133 renumbered 15-30-1102.
15-30-134. Determination of marital status.
15-30-135. Tax on beneficiaries or fiduciaries of estates or trusts.
15-30-136. Computation of income of estates or trusts -- exemption.
15-30-137. Determination of tax of estates and trusts.
15-30-138. Estates and trusts tax remedies.
15-30-139 through 15-30-140 reserved.
15-30-141. Tax as personal debt.
15-30-142. Returns and payment of tax -- penalty and interest -- refunds -- credits.
15-30-143. Return of fiduciary.
15-30-144. Time for filing -- extensions of time.
15-30-145. Revision of return by department -- statute of limitations -- examination of records and persons.
15-30-146. Tolling of statute of limitations.
15-30-147. Application for revision -- appeal.
15-30-148. Judicial review.
15-30-149. Credits and refunds -- period of limitations.
15-30-150. Voluntary checkoff for nongame wildlife programs.
15-30-151. Agriculture in Montana schools program account -- administration.
15-30-152. Voluntary checkoff for agriculture in Montana schools program.
15-30-153. Funding for administration of special revenue accounts.
15-30-154. Income tax deduction for contribution to veterans' programs.
15-30-155. Voluntary checkoff for child abuse and neglect prevention program.
15-30-156. Deduction for contributions to child abuse and neglect prevention program.
15-30-157. Deposit of deductible contributions.
15-30-158. Terminated.
15-30-159. Terminated.
15-30-160. Terminated.
15-30-161. Repealed.
15-30-162. Repealed.
15-30-163. Credit for contributions to university system or private college foundations.
15-30-164. Credit for alternative fuel motor vehicle conversion.
15-30-165. Qualified endowments credit -- definitions -- rules.
15-30-166. Credit for contributions to qualified endowment.
15-30-167. Beneficiaries of estates -- credit for contribution to qualified endowment.
15-30-168. Qualified research tax credit.
15-30-169 reserved.
15-30-170. Void.
15-30-171. Residential property tax credit for elderly -- definitions.
15-30-172. Residential property tax credit for elderly -- eligibility.
15-30-173. Residential property tax credit for elderly -- disallowance or adjustment of certain claims.
15-30-174. Residential property tax credit for elderly -- filing date.
15-30-175. Residential property tax credit for elderly -- form of relief.
15-30-176. Residential property tax credit for elderly -- computation of relief.
15-30-177. Residential property tax credit for elderly -- limitations.
15-30-178. Residential property tax credit for elderly -- proof of claim.
15-30-179. Residential property tax credit for elderly -- denial of claim.
15-30-180. Credit for preservation of historic property.
15-30-181. Credit for contributions to affordable housing revolving loan account.
15-30-182. Empowerment zone new employees -- tax credit.
15-30-183. Capital gains credit.
15-30-184 through 15-30-185 reserved.
15-30-186. Credit for dependent care assistance and referral services.
15-30-187. Credit for contributions to developmental disability services account.
15-30-188. Credit for physician practicing in rural area -- definitions.
15-30-189. Tax credit for physician practicing in rural area.
15-30-190. Credit for physician practicing in rural area -- limitations -- repayment.
15-30-191. Credit for physician practicing in rural area -- rulemaking authority.
15-30-192. Income tax relief -- foreign capital depository assessment distribution.
15-30-193 through 15-30-194 reserved.
15-30-195. Terminated.
15-30-196 through 15-30-198 reserved.
15-30-199. Terminated.