Montana Code Annotated 2015

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Part 2. Putative Father Registration

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42-2-201. Definitions.
42-2-202. Putative father registry.
42-2-203. Purpose of registry.
42-2-204. Presumed knowledge of pregnancy -- duty to register to be afforded notice -- putative and presumed fathers.
42-2-205. Registration.
42-2-206. When putative father to register -- actual knowledge of pregnancy not required.
42-2-207. How registration submitted.
42-2-208. Burden of putative father to preserve rights upon receipt of notice.
42-2-209. Presumption created -- admissibility in other proceedings.
42-2-210. through reserved.
42-2-214. Duties of department.
42-2-215. Information maintained in registry.
42-2-216. Storage of data.
42-2-217. Registry search -- request -- affidavit.
42-2-218. Duties of department upon receipt of request.
42-2-219. through reserved.
42-2-222. Failure of agency to post notice.
42-2-223. Revocation of registration.
42-2-224. Certified copy of registration form to be furnished upon request.
42-2-225. Information confidential.
42-2-226. Registration of false information -- criminal and civil penalties
42-2-227. through reserved.
42-2-230. Responsibility of each party to protect interests -- putative fathers -- fraud no defense.