The Economic Affairs Interim Committee will meet by video-conference Sept.10 to finish its work on two studies and review bill drafts for possible committee introduction in the 2021 Legislature.

The bill drafts under consideration are:

  • a proposal to allow a spouse to have an on-premises alcohol retail license if the other spouse has an alcohol manufacturing license. Currently a married couple cannot hold both license types at the same time.
  • two proposals that impact the lodging facility use tax. One would change the collector to the "seller" from the "owner/operator." This would capture third-party sellers for short-term rentals or selling platforms that currently do not have to collect the lodging facility use tax although they must collect the accommodations tax. Both taxes are now at 4%. The other proposal would combine both taxes.
  • a proposal to allow historical horseracing within Montana's gaming options in taverns.

In addition, the committee will review bill drafts proposed by the state agencies that typically interact with the committee. Certain agencies also will be providing reports required by the legislature.

Final reports on two studies will include consideration of recommendations by committee members or possible legislation. The studies are based on Senate Joint Resolution 18, a study of occupational licensing for those with criminal convictions, and Senate Joint Resolution 24, a study of the lodging facility use tax and its distributions.

Public comment will be taken at various times during the meeting. Those who are planning to provide public comment are asked to contact committee staff to receive instructions for calling in to the meeting. Public comment also can be done by email or through postal mail and will be made part of the public record. 

Contact Information: Committee website:
                                  Committee staff: or 406-444-3594

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