The Local Government Interim Committee meets on September 9 to finalize its interim work. An agenda is posted to the committee website along with meeting materials. The committee will review bill drafts related to:

  • regional fire protection authorities,
  • the Multifamily Coal Trust Home Loan Program,
  • the MSU Local Government Center, and
  • experimental on-site wastewater treatment systems.

In addition, the committee will receive updates on the Local Government Reimbursement Program, the Emergency Housing Assistance Program, and the Housing Montana Fund among other topics. 

The committee will meet virtually, through Zoom, starting 9 am. The meeting will also be broadcast on MPAN and streamed live at

Members of the public who wish to participate may join the meeting.  If you want to participate, please email by 5 p.m. the day before the meeting with your name and a request and you will be sent instructions for joining and participating in the meeting.

A time will be provided for oral public comment on the agenda and, at that time, members of the public who have joined may “raise their hand” and participate after being recognized by the presiding officer or the meeting host. Comments will be taken in order. Written public comment via email may be submitted in advance of the meeting to and will be provided to committee members.

Committee staff: Toni Henneman, or 406-444-3593
Committee website: 

The Legislative News.