2019 Session Information

If you would like to leave a message for a legislator, you can call 406-444-4800 and operators will take a message that will be forwarded to legislators. Please be aware that they will ask for your name and address, which will not be shared other than with the legislator. The operators can take a message for up to 5 legislators at one time or to an entire committee.

You may also contact legislators using the online web message form.

66th Session Calendar

Legislative Day/Bill Draft Dates/Transmittal Dates

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2019 Bill Lookup

Search the LAWS Database for bill and hearing information.

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The House and Senate Floor Sessions are scheduled to meet Monday through Friday at 1:00. When bills reach the floor for reading, agendas showing the orders of business are available below.

House Agendas   Senate Agendas


A variety of generated reports are available. Reports include hearings, committees, bill lists, bill draft requests, and more. 

2019 Session Reports


The House and Senate passed the Legislative Rules for the 2019 Session. The are available in both html and pdf formats.

Download the 2019 Legislative Session Rules

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