Montana State Legislature

Legislative Finance Committee 2025 Biennium

Legislative Finance Committee

2025 Biennium


Management Advisory Workgroup (MAW)
Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: MT State Capitol 

Legislative Finance Committee (LFC)
Date: December 14, 2023
Time: 8:30 AM
Location: MT State Capitol


March 14, 2024  //  June 20, 2024  //  September 12, 2024  //  December 12, 2024

Minutes and meeting videos will be uploaded once available.

Committee Members

  • Rep Terry Falk
  • Rep Eric Matthews
  • Rep Llew Jones
  • Rep David Bedey
  • Rep Mary Caferro
  • Rep Jim Hamilton
  • Senator Tom McGillvray
  • Senator Janet Ellis
  • Senator Christopher Pope
  • Senator Shane Morigeau
  • Senator Carl Glimm
  • Senator John Esp

Ex Officio

  • Rep Terry Moore
  • Rep Bob Keenan
  • Rep Jerry Schillinger
  • Rep Bill Mercer
  • Rep Mike Hopkins

The Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) is a permanent joint administrative committee of the Montana Legislature. Administrative committees are created by state law to manage the administrative functions of the Legislative Branch; the LFC oversees the Legislative Fiscal Division.

The LFC meets during the interim between sessions to review fiscal issues. Meeting agendas, minutes, and reports will be added to this website as they become available.

To find out how vacancies are filled, what the powers and duties of the committee are, and other details associated with the LFC, see the Montana Code Annotated, Title 5, Chapter 12, Part 2.

"Section 10. Study of state budget process and personal services expenditures -- appropriation. (1) During the 2025 biennium interim, a subcommittee a working group composed of members from of the legislative finance committee, the legislative fiscal division, and the office of budget and program planning shall jointly study the process by which the state budgets for personal services conduct a study on the state budgeting process."

Continue reading about the state budget process and personal services study in HB 424.

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