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This chart shows general fund revenue actual collections and the HJ 2 estimate including 2017 Session one-time revenue. The average growth of ongoing revenue between FY 2000 and FY 2018 is 3.9%; the growth anticipated in HJ 2 is modest in comparison to th

Legislative Fiscal Division

The Legislative Fiscal Division provides non-partisan budget and data analysis to the Montana Legislature so all lawmakers have objective, accurate and relevant information to make state financial decisions.

**LEGISLATORS: If you have questions or comments regarding the HB 715 study, please contact Susie Lindsay at



2021 Biennium Legislative Fiscal Report - Volume 1 

FY 2019 General Fund Revenue Update #6


For information on the Legislative Finance Committee's four interim subcommitees,
see the LFC web page.




Amy Carlson

Legislative Fiscal Analyst &
Division Director