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Legislative Fiscal Division

The Legislative Fiscal Division provides non-partisan budget and data analysis to the Montana Legislature so all lawmakers have objective, accurate and relevant information to make state financial decisions.

Data Interactive Tool

Data sources used:

  • U.S. Census Financial Data
  • ERemi
  • American Community Survey
  • IHS Markit
  • Weldon Cooper
  • MSU 2030 Report from 2012
  • Montana State Accounting, Budgeting and Human Resources System


HB 715 Study

The budget sustainability study is underway and legislators are invited to attend a Tuesday session during Legislative Week (Jan. 13-17, 2020) for presentation of the findings and discussion. 

Materials for Legislative Week presentations can be found on the HB 715 Study page.

Latest Publications


For information on the Legislative Finance Committee's five interim subcommitees,
see the LFC web page.



Amy Carlson

Legislative Fiscal Analyst &
Division Director