Montana State Legislature

2005-2006 Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Committee

Children and Families Interim Committee has responsibility for monitoring DPHHS, reviewing their administrative rules, conducting interim studies, and generally reviewing areas relevant to health and human services.

September 12 and 13, 2006. 

Agenda September 12 Minutes September 13 Minutes
     Rule Issue: Legal Memo 
     (See Legislation below under Committee Activities for recommendations.)


June 8 and 9, 2006:

 Agenda June 8 Minutes June 9 Minutes


March 30 and 31, 2006:

   Considerations for Crisis Powerpoint; 
   Community Health Center Powerpoint. 
  March 30 Minutes. March 31 Minutes.

January 26 and 27: 

Agenda January 26 Minutes January 27 Minutes
Link to January 25 NCSL Training Meeting Materials:
       Promoting Economic Success for Montana Families

December 8: HIFA Waiver Conference Call- 

October 20: Agenda & Minutes and October 21 Agenda & Minutes
August 22: Agenda and Minutes


Full Schedule:   Interim Work Plan (with suggested meeting dates)


Workplans - 2005-06 Interim Planning Draft
     Interim Work Plan (with suggested meeting dates) 
     SJ 37 Child Protective Services System Overview and Draft Study Plan
     SJ 41 Mental Health Crisis Response Overview and Draft Study Plan

Assigned Studies and Study Plans: 

Staff Reports:



Draft Legislation considered on September 12 and 13:

  • SJ 37: Child Welfare Study:
    LCCF01, statute revision commission (NOT ADOPTED)
    LCCF11, revisions to statutes: discovery, termination, policy, jurisdiction, appeals, notice, reunification
         Jenks' annotated Table of Contents of LCCF11. (SUPPORTED CONCEPT)
    Foster Parent Liability (ADOPTED Draft Legislation: See LC0440.)
    Drug-Endangered Children Committee child endangerment legislation (SUPPORTED CONCEPT)
  • "Grandparents raising Grandchildren"
    1. LCCF02, school authorization affidavit (ADOPTED. See LC0448.)
    2. LCCF04, continuing custody affidavit (ADOPTED. See LC0443.)
    3. LCCF05, medical authorization affidavit (ADOPTED. See LC0447.)
    4. LCCF06, clarifying grandparent contact statute (ADOPTED. See LC0445.)
  • SJ 41: Mental Health Crisis Response Study:
    LCCF10: Transportation of the Mentally Ill (Committee did not adopt.)
    LCCF09: Mental Health Parity (Committee did not adopt.)
    LCCF07: Gravely Disabled (Committee did not adopt.)
    LCCF14: Define "professional person" to include psychologists (ADOPTED. See LC0441.)
    LCCF13: Amend "behavioral health inpatient facility" to allow licensure of nonhospital based facilities (ADOPTED. See LC0442.)
  • LCCF08: DPHHS Consumer Affairs proposal (Committee did not adopt.)
  • Expand CHIP eligibility to 165% of Federal Poverty Level LC0439.
  • Ombudsman access top long-term care facilities LC0444.
  • Clarify sponsor notification for administrative rules LC0446.
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