Montana State Legislature

Discussion of CCAC Recommendations

Considerations For Discussion Of 15 Climate Change Advisory Committee Recommendations
Environmental Quality Council
April 2008

The information below is a summary of key points from the Montana Climate Change Action Plan and the associated appendices. The legislative and administrative options were prepared by EQC staff and participating agencies. Unless noted otherwise, the Department of Environmental Quality assisted in compiling the information. The information below does not include an economic analysis of the recommendations.

The Environmental Quality Council conducted a survey during the month of February, inviting the public to rank, on a scale of 1 to 5, the 54 recommendations included in the Montana Climate Change Action Plan. The EQC reviewed the results, including an analysis prepared by EQC member Sen. Bob Hawks. Sen. Hawks compiled the combined (5 and 4) ranking scores for EQC and public responses totaling over 50%.

Based on the analysis, the EQC voted to take a closer look at 15 of the 54 recommendations. By looking at the 15 recommendations, council members noted that they were not endorsing those 15 recommendations or dismissing any of the others. Members requested the following information on the 15 recommendations:

    Conservation considerations
     What is currently being done in this area
     What potential new legislation in this area could be considered


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