Montana State Legislature

2009-2010 Education and Local Government Committee

The Education and Local Government (ELG) Interim Committee is a joint bipartisan committee of the legislature that meets between legislative sessions. The ELG’s statutory duties include review of proposed administrative rules and draft legislation, as well as completing any studies assigned to it. They also entail monitoring the operations of, and providing information to, the State Board of EducationBoard of Public EducationBoard of Regents of Higher Education, and the Office of Public Instruction. Finally, the ELG acts as a liaison with cities and counties, providing an important forum for discussion of strong, effective governance at the community and county level.

Capitol Building Room 102 - Agenda - Minutes
Interim Zoning
Western States Comparison
Compensatory Takings legal memo
Questions posed to interim zoning panelists
Due Process legal memo

Critical Quality Educator Shortages report from OPI to the Board of Public Education

October 1, 2009 -   Oct. 2, 2009,  Agenda 
Work Plan Chart - reflects changes requested by committee June 30
Legal staff memo regarding interim zoning and private property rights
Legal staff memo regarding wildland fire suppression on federal land
Background information for SJR 2 - Establishment of community colleges

Capitol Building Room 137 - Agenda -  Minutes

  • HJR 32 - Historic Preservation
  • SJR 2- Community College Establishment

ELG established a subcommittee to work with K-12 and higher education agencies and the education community to implement the provisions of HJR 6 and SJR 8, shared policy goals and accountability measures for K-12 and K-20 education. Subcommittee members were appointed at ELG's October meeting.

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