Montana State Legislature

How water works.

Demonstrations for the Water Policy Interim Committee on 
how water works.

MBMG demonstration of ground water - surface water interaction MBMG demonstration of ground water - surface water interaction
The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology demonstrated how ground water interacts 
with surface water, including how aquifers are recharged and the effects of wells.

DNRC mobile rolling river demonstration  
When water is turned on at the top of the Department of Natural Resources and 
Conservation's "Rolling River" mobile unit, it flows through the "river" and can be 
used to demonstrate a variety of water lessons. (Above left.)

Montana Watercourse demonstration on the movement of nonpoint pollution to streams Maps of Montana Watershed Groups and Conservation Districts
The Montana Waterourse demonstration showed how nonpoint pollution can reach 
streams and how it can be mitigated.

Photos by Cynthia Peterson

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