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EQC Statutory Duties

EQC Statutory Duties

2-4-402 through 2-4-412 set out the administrative rule oversight powers and duties of the EQC.

2-15-1514 requires participation of a representative of the Legislative Services Division on the Natural Resources Advisory Committee. This has typically been assigned to the EQC staff on an as needed basis.

2-15-1523 requires participation of a representative of the Legislative Services Division on the Ground Water Assessment Steering Committee. The steering committee makes periodic reports to the EQC.

1996 2004          

5-5-202, 5-5-211, and 5-5-215 discuss the organization and duties of interim committees. Interim committees must review statutorily established advisory councils and required reports of assigned agencies to make recommendations to the next Legislature on retention or elimination of any advisory council or required reports.

5-5-231 requires the EQC and Water Policy Interim Committee to coordinate on water issues.

5-16-101 through 5-16-105 discuss the composition and terms of the EQC.

75-1-201 and 75-1-208 require state natural resource agencies to submit copies of environmental review (MEPA) documents to the EQC. A project sponsor may appear before the EQC at a regularly scheduled meeting to discuss issues regarding an executive agency's environmental review of the project.

75-1-314 states that the Departments of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Agriculture, and Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) report specific compliance and enforcement information to the EQC.

AG FY 1997-98 FY 1999-2000 Letter FY 2001-03   FY 2006-07
DEQ FY 1997-98 FY 1999-2000 Letter FY 2001-03 FY 2004-05 FY 2006-07
DNRC FY 1997-98 FY 1999-2000 Letter FY 2001-03   FY 2004-06
AG FY 2008-09 FY 2010-11        
DEQ FY 2008-09 FY 2010-11        
DNRC FY 2008-09 FY 2010-11        

75-1-324 lists the ongoing duties of the EQC.

75-5-313 requires the DEQ to provide a summary of the status of the development of temporary nutrient criteria to the EQC on or before July 1 of each year.

2010 2011 2012        

75-5-703 requires the DEQ to report its progress in completing TMDLs (total maximum daily loads) and the current schedule for completing TMDLs on or before July 1 of each even-numbered year.


75-10-111 mandates that the DEQ circulate solid waste management and resource recovery plans to the EQC for its review.

2006 2012 2012 Update        

75-11-521 establishes DEQ benchmarks and reporting requirements regarding the closure of petroleum storage tank release sites.

December 2011 July 2012 December 2012 July 2013
December 2013 July 2014 December 2014 July 2015

76-13-145 required the DNRC to report its progress in designating wildland-urban interface parcels to an appropriate interim committee assigned to study wildland fire suppression or to the EQC. (Repealed 2013.)

2010 2012

77-2-366 obligates the DNRC to submit a detailed report of the land banking program to the EQC by July 1 of even-numbered years. Beginning in 2013, the DNRC must also provide a summary report to the EQC on or before July 1 of each year on sales of state land cabins or homesites

2008 2010 2012        

82-2-701 states the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology must report to the EQC and the Education and Local Government Interim Committee on its investigation of the state's sand and gravel deposits within one year of starting its investigations.

85-1-203 requires the DNRC to submit a copy of the State Water Plan or any plan changes to the EQC.

1987-2003 2005 2013      

85-1-621 mandates that the DNRC submit a biennial report to the EQC describing the status of the renewable resource grant and loan program.


85-2-105 establishes the EQC's water policy duties. The EQC is specifically required to analyze and comment on the state water plan, the state water development process, water-related research, and the adequacy of the water resources data management system.

85-2-281 requires the Water Court and the DNRC to report to the EQC on the progress of the adjudication process until 2020.

2005-06 2007-08 2009-10 2011-12      

85-2-338 requires the Clark Fork Basin Steering Committee to report periodically to the Legislature.

1999 2006 2007 2010      

85-2-350 states the Clark Fork River Basin Task Force must report annually to the EQC.

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

85-2-436 requires the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (DFWP) to submit a summary report to the EQC by December 1 of odd-numbered years [changed from yearly in 2007] of all appropriation rights changed to an instream flow purpose in the previous 2 years.

1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998
1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
2006 2006-07 2008-09 2010-11 2012-13 2014-15 2016-17

85-20-1401 requires the DNRC to provide a biennial report to the EQC on state water reservations applied for by the U.S. Forest Service and the action taken by the DNRC on the applications.


87-1-230 required the DFWP to provide an annual report regarding deposits into and withdrawals from the Good Neighbor Policy state water and land maintenance account. (Terminated June 30, 2013.)

2010 2011 2012

87-1-901 establishes that the DFWP must report annually to the EQC on gray wolf management and conservation, including the tracking, hunting, trapping, and taking of gray wolves.

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