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MEPA Training for State Employees

Montana Environmental Policy Act
Training for State Employees

Contact Hope Stockwell (444-9280),
Joe Kolman (444-3747),
in the Legislative Environmental Policy Office


Training Materials

No future MEPA training is scheduled at this time. However, please feel free to review our course materials on your own.
Course slides

Basics of MEPA, 2015
MEPA for Decisionmakers, 2013 

MEPA Cheat Sheets (for-office resource)

MEPA process flowchart
EA and EIS rules/statutes and substantive/procedural differences, 2015
Regulatory impact analysis guidelines
Actions excluded or exempt from MEPA review, 2015
Cumulative effects: a 5-step checklist
MEPA analysis resource list 

MEPA Mini Courses, 2010

1) Writing an EA, Presented by Rebecca Cooper (FWP) and Sonya Germann (DNRC)
    Course slides
    Format recommendations for EAs 
    Online resources for conducting an environmental analysis
2) MEPA vs. NEPA, Presented by Todd Everts (LSD), Mike O'Herron (DNRC), and Julia Riber (USFS)
    Differences between MEPA and NEPA
    Writing a joint MEPA/NEPA document
3) MEPA Project Design and Management, Presented by Alice Stanley (DNRC), Sundi West (Military Affairs), and Terry Grotbo (Geomatrix)
    Things that can go wrong and ways to avoid schedule busters
    Example project management plan

MEPA legal memos

What agency (FWP) actions are subject to MEPA? Todd Everts, July 2002 
Is the Board of Environmental Review's mercury emissions rulemaking subject to MEPA? Todd Everts, May 2006
Is the Department of Livestock's brucellosis surveillance order subject to MEPA? Todd Everts, February 2010 

Other MEPA Resources
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