Montana State Legislature


Revenue & Transportation Interim Committee Legislation

The committee considered legislation for each of its three studies and requested the following:

  • LC 394 to combine the following two drafts:
    • LCag01: Provisional agricultural classification for fruit trees and vines
    • LCag00: Simplification of 15-7-202; and
  • LC 395 to revise the irrigation cost deduction: LCag02.

The other bills considered by the committee but not requested as committee legislation are listed below by study.

Agricultural Property Study

  • LCag03: Require agricultural property to be used primarily for agricultural purposes (drafted in 2016)

Tax Increment Financing Study

  • LCtif1: DOR and Working Group draft
  • LCtif2: Remittance draft
  • LCtif3: Personal property draft

Centrally Assessed and Utility Property

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