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Agency: Department of Transportation

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MDT’s mission is to plan, build, operate, and maintain a safe and resilient transportation infrastructure to move Montana forward.

The Department of Transportation is the agency responsible for administering the multimodal transportation network in Montana. The department plans, designs, builds, and maintains the statewide network of highways and bridges. The department also provides for the other aspects of a statewide multimodal transportation system through:

  • Aeronautics safety protection and promotion
  • General aviation airport planning, safety, promotion, and maintenance facilitation
  • Rail infrastructure coordination, monitoring, and planning
  • Highway traffic safety promotion, planning, and administration
  • Vehicle weight and dimension permitting and law enforcement
  • Transit assistance

The Governor appointed five-member transportation commission establishes department priorities and apportions funding among the five state financial districts according to statutory guidelines, department recommendations, and community input. The Governor appointed nine-member Board of Aeronautics establishes priorities for department aeronautics grant activities.

The department provides the above services through the following programs:

  • General Operations Program
  • Construction Program
  • Maintenance Program
  • State Motor Pool (entirely funded with non-budgeted proprietary funds)
  • Equipment Program (entirely funded with non-budgeted proprietary funds)
  • Motor Carrier Services Division
  • Aeronautics Program (a portion of this program is funded with non-budgeted proprietary funds)
  • Rail, Transit, and Planning Division

The agency materials will be posted here once available.

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