Montana State Legislature

2009-2010 Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Committee

The Children and Families Interim Committee is a joint bipartisan committee of the Legislature that meets between legislative sessions to monitor the Department of Public Health and Human Services; conduct interim studies; and generally review issues related to health and human services, particularly emerging issues. During this interim, the committee conducted the Senate Joint Resolution 35 study of health care and the House Joint Resolution 39 study of community services for people with developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental illness.

Aug. 23 Agenda 
Aug. 24 Agenda 
Minutes: Aug. 23 -- Aug. 24

Medical Marijuana Materials
-- Proposed Changes to LC MM01: Aug. 24, 2010
-- Revised Portions of LC MM01: Aug. 24, 2010
-- Summary of Proposed Legislation 
-- LC MM01: Revising Medical Marijuana Act and Creating Regulatory Structure
-- LC MM02: Addressing Medical Marijuana Use by Employees
-- LC MM03: Clarifying that Clean Indoor Air Act Prohibits Smoking of Medical Marijuana
-- Summary of Public Comment
-- LC MM01: Preliminary Bill Draft: Aug. 12, 2010
    -- Subcommittee Decisions on LC MM01
-- Updated Registry Statistics

SJR 35 Materials
-- LC8888: Childhood Body Mass Index Monitoring
-- School Sealant Proposal: Montana Dental Hygienists' Association

DPHHS Monitoring
-- Administrative Rule Review
-- Objection to Medicaid Physician Reimbursement Rule
    -- Committee Objection to Rule Adoption: July 9, 2010
    -- DPHHS Response to Rule Objection: July 23, 2010
    -- Committee Options: Aug. 13, 2010
-- Agency Legislative Proposals
    -- Rate Commission Membership
    -- Implement Federal Health Care Reform
    -- Healthy Montana Kids Statute Cleanup
    -- Direct Committment to Federal Mental Health Facility
    -- Special Education Age Eligibility
    -- Funding Reconciliation for Tobacco Tax-Funded Programs
    -- Hospital Discharge Data System
    -- Expedited Relative Notification for Foster Care
    -- Parole for Persons in DPHHS Custody
-- LC 46: Commitment Laws for People with Developmental Disabilities
-- HB 173 Legislative Report: National Public Health Standards Pilot Project
-- HB 243 Report: Children's System of Care
   -- HB 243 Report PowerPoint Presentation
   -- HB 243 Addendum: October 2010
-- SB 399 Report: Out-of-State Placement of Children

DRAFT Agenda
Draft Minutes
Local Government and Workforce Issues
   -- Briefing Paper: Local Government Authority
   -- Legal Memo: Local Regulation of Medical Marijuana
   -- Local Government Suggestions
   -- Business Community Suggestions

Regulatory Issues
   -- Briefing Paper: Dispensary States vs. Caregiver States
   -- Briefing Paper: Alcohol and Gambling Regulation in Montana
   -- Montana Medical Growers Association Recommendations: Aug. 12, 2010
       -- Letter to Chairman Sands
       -- Issues and Recommended Solutions
       -- Proposed Licensing Board
       -- Methodology for Distribution and Tracking of Medical Marijuana

Revisions to the Montana Medical Marijuana Act
   -- Briefing Paper: Variations Among State Laws
   -- LCMM001: Partial Bill Draft of Revisions to the Montana Law
   -- Decision Points for Draft Legislation

Draft Minutes
Briefing Paper: Review of Law Enforcement Issues
Briefing Paper: Updated Registry Statistics
Briefing Paper: Key Changes to Colorado's Medical Marijuana Laws 
Briefing Paper: Ambiguities in the Qualifying Patient Definition
   -- Use of "Qualifying Patient" in Medical Marijuana Act
Briefing Paper: General Provisions for DOLI Boards
Draft Legislation:
   -- Draft Revisions to 50-46-205, Limitations of Medical Marijuana Act
   -- Draft Revisions to 50-40-103, Clean Indoor Air Act
   -- Draft Revisions to 50-46-102, Definitions for the Medical Marijuana Act


Minutes -- April 26, 2010 -- April 27, 2010
SJR 35 Study: Health Care
-- Briefing Paper: Summary of Final Health Care Legislation
-- Briefing Paper: State Reaction to Federal Health Reform
-- Briefing Paper: Federal Tort Claims Act and Community Health Centers
-- Briefing Paper: Defensive Medicine--Recent Study Results
-- Briefing Paper: Medical Malpractice Insurance Data for Montana

HJR 39 Study: Community Services
-- Draft White Paper 
-- PowerPoint Presentation

Draft Committee Legislation
-- LC 65: Clarifying the allocation of funds for mental health diversion grants

DPHHS Monitoring and Emerging Issues
-- Administrative Rule Review
-- Briefing Paper: Overview of the EMS Grant Program
-- Briefing Paper: Montana Medical Marijuana Program
   -- Medical Marijuana Patient Application Form
   -- Medical Marijuana Physician Statement Form
          -- Submit public comment on the Montana Medical Marijuana Act
-- Briefing Paper: Overview of Human Resource Development Councils
-- Briefing Paper: Summary of the Mental Health Settlement Trust


Laws Relating to Commitment of Developmentally Disabled Persons
-- Report: Summary of Review by Staff and Stakeholders

SJR 35 Study: Health Care
-- Briefing Paper: Montana's Medical Education, Training and Incentive Programs
-- Briefing Paper: Medical Malpractice -- Montana's Approach to Limiting Liability

DPHHS Monitoring
-- Briefing Paper: Background on HB 130 Rules
-- CFHHS Letter Regarding HB 130 Rules
-- DPHHS Response to Committee Letter on HB 130
-- Administrative Rule Review

DPHHS Budget/Funding Sources
-- Legislative Fiscal Division Memo: Overview of DPHHS Funding
-- Attachment 1: Budget Office Memo on 5% Reductions
-- Attachment 2: Summary of 2003 DPHHS Budget Reductions
-- Attachment 3: Montana Medicaid Program statute

Draft Minutes

Mental Health Topics
-- Briefing Paper: Overview of the 2007-08 Mental Health Study
-- Mental Health Study: Summary of Recommendations
-- Mental Health Study: Items for Possible DPHHS Action
-- CFHHS letter to DPHHS, October 2008
-- CFHHS letter to Department of Corrections, October 2008

SJR 35 Study: Health Care
-- Briefing Paper: The ABCs of HIT--Health Information Technology
-- PowerPoint: HealthShare Montana
-- Briefing Paper: Health Insurance Exchanges

DPHHS Monitoring
-- Administrative Rule Review


SJR 35 Study: Health Care
-- Briefing Paper: The Insured and Uninsured in Montana
-- PowerPoint: Insure Montana Program
-- Briefing Paper: Primary Care Issues and Health Care Reform
-- PowerPoint: Montana's Primary Care Workforce
-- PowerPoint: Allied Health Professional Workforce
-- Briefing Paper: Comparison of Selected Elements of Proposed Health Care Reforms
-- Briefing Paper: Glossary of Federal Health Care Reform Terms

DPHHS Monitoring
-- Administrative Rule Review
-- Healthy Montana Kids: Eligibility Requirements and Covered Services
-- DPHHS 2013 Biennium Budget Reduction Work Plan 
-- Medicaid Management Information System Replacement
-- Memo: Analysis of Montana Supreme Court Ruling In the Matter of T.P.

The committee conducted two studies approved by the 2009 Legislature. Click on the links below for reports and other information prepared or presented as part of each study.

  • SJR 35: Health Care
  • HRJ 39: Community Services for Developmentally Disabled

The committee decided in April 2010 to take up, as an emerging issue, topics related to the Montana Medical Marijuana Act. The committee made the decision because of the questions raised by many people in state and local government, law enforcement, and the medical marijuana industry. The committee asked for recommendations from a work group and then appointed a subcommittee that met three times between late June and mid-August.

The committee approved three bill drafts relating to medical marijuana at its final meeting in August and took public comment specific to the drafts through Sept. 1, for consideration as the final bills are developed. Throughout the period the committee worked on this issue, members received copies of all public comment received electronically and by mail. The committee also received a summary of the public comment received through Aug. 23 at its final meeting of the interim.

The next opportunity for the public to comment will occur when the bills are heard and acted on during the 2011 Legislature.

More information about committee, subcommittee, and work group activities related to this topic is available on the Emerging Issue: Medical MarijuanaWeb page.

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