Economic Affairs


The EAIC has completed its 2017-2018 work. 

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Committee Topics:

  • SJR 20 - a study of unemployment in high-poverty areas of Montana
  • SJR 27 - a study of workers' compensation in Montana
  • SJR 32 - a study of emergency care providers with a veteran component 

    Additional Committee Topics:
  • The HB 661 Study of MSU state-labs.
  • Participation in the HJR 20 study on health care price transparency


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  • Agenda
  • Minutes Log
    • Sen. Gordon Vance elected presiding officer; Rep. Nate McConnell elected vice presiding officer.
    • Rep. Vince Ricci and Rep. Sharon Stewart-Peregoy appointed as liaisons to Montana State Fund.
    • Rep. Ricci and Sen. Tom Facey appointed as liaisons to the Rail Service Competition Council.
    • Sen. Gordon Vance and Sen. Lea Whitford named as EAIC members of the HB 661 study of the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab and other labs.
    • Sen. Ed Buttrey and Rep. Mark Noland named to serve on the HJR 20 health care pricing transparency subcommittee if the Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee chooses to have a subcommittee with expanded membership.
    • letter was signed and sent to Governor Steve Bullock and Labor and Industry Commissioner Pam Bucy to recommend renewal of the Labor-Management Advisory Council.

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The Economic Affairs Interim Committee (EAIC) is a joint bipartisan committee of the Montana Legislature that meets during the interims between legislative sessions. It conducts interim studies and generally reviews issues related to economic development. It also monitors the programs and functions of the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Labor and Industry, and Livestock, as well as the Office of the State Auditor and Insurance Commissioner, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the Montana State Fund, the Division of Banking and Financial Institutions, and the Liquor Control Division.

Committee Staff:

Pat Murdo, Research Analyst
Jameson Walker, Attorney
Fong Hom, Secretary

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