State-Tribal Relations


The 2017-2018 Interim has concluded.

The STRC adopted 12 committee bills at its final meeting of the interim on September 7. More information about each of the bills may be found here.

The STRC also adopted the following reports:

  • Agenda
  • Minutes Log
  • Memo to STRC
  • Improving Indian student achievement study
    • Memo following up on funding for English Learners
    • Legislative proposals
      • LCELGF - creating an English Learner payment to be included in school district general fund budgets and BASE aid payments
      • LCELMS - providing funding for school district programs serving English Learners
      • LCMILP - extends the termination date for the Montana Indian Language Preservation Program
      • LCMIL2 - repeals the termination of the Montana Indian Language Preservation Program
      • LCCICA - extends the termination date for the Cultural Integrity and Commitment Act
      • LCCIC2 - repeals the termination of the Cultural Integrity and Commitment Act
  • SJ 3 study of increasing access to reentry resources for American Indian offenders
    • Legislative Proposals
      • LCsj31 - creating the reentry cultural programming grant program
      • LCsj32 - requiring a certain percentage of supportive housing grant program funding to be awarded to eligible uses that serve American Indian offenders
  • Missing persons-related legislative proposals
    • LCdoj1 - authorizing DOJ to assist with all missing persons cases (Hanna's Act)
    • LCdoj2 - revising laws related to missing persons reports
    • LCdoj3 - proposed resolution to study options to break the runaway cycle
    • LCdoj4 - requiring missing persons report if child's location is unknown in custodial interference case
    • LCFOT2 - requiring the Office of Public Instruction to establish an electronic repository for school photos of children whose parents give permission for the photo to be held and shared with law enforcement if the child goes missing
  • Draft letter to Bureau of Indian Affairs regarding enforcement issues related to drug abuse, missing persons, human trafficking, and violence against women in Indian Country

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The State-Tribal Relations Committee acts as a liaison with tribal governments in Montana, encourages state-tribal and local government-tribal cooperation, conducts interim studies as assigned, and may propose legislation and report its activities, findings, or recommendations to the legislature.

The Committee's work plan outlines how it will carry out its statutory duties and assigned study. It also identifies the topics which the committee, as well as the tribal governments which the committee visits this interim, have prioritized for discussion.

Committee Staff:

Hope Stockwell, Research Analyst
Laura Sankey Keip, Attorney
Laura Sherley, Secretary

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