Montana State Legislature

COVID-19: State Agency Updates

The Impacts of COVID-19 on State Agency Services

A recorded presentation by members of the Legislative Services Division

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Presented by Rachel Weiss
(approx. 10:35)

Presented by Pad McCracken
(approx. 16:50)

Presented by Pat Murdo
(approx. 22:45)

Presented by Trevor Graff
(approx. 31:20)

  • Montana Public Service Commission

Presented by Jason Mohr
(approx. 33:30)

Presented by Sonja Nowakowski
(approx. 36:20)

Presented by Megan Moore
(approx. 41:10)

Presented by Sheri Scurr
(approx. 46:30)

Presented by Toni Henneman
(approx. 59:15)

Presented by Hope Stockwell
(approx. 1:06:10)

Additional Legislative Branch Produced Resources for COVID-19

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