Montana State Legislature

Agency: Department of Labor & Industry

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The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) serves a number of functions. In part, the Department:

  • Fosters a robust Montana workforce by connecting job seekers with employment opportunities and upskilling programs, assisting individuals in preparing for and finding jobs while assisting employers in finding workers
  • Oversees federal and state training and apprenticeship programs
  • Conducts economic research and collects economic data
  • Administers the unemployment insurance program, disburses unemployment benefits and facilitates employer UI contributions
  • Enforces state and federal labor standards, anti-discrimination laws, and state and federal safety-occupational health laws
  • Provides adjudicative services in labor-management disputes
  • Licenses, inspects, tests, and certifies all weighing or measuring devices used in making commercial transactions in the State of Montana
  • Provides administrative and clerical services to the professional boards of licensure and occupational licensing programs authorized by state statutes
  • Establishes and enforces minimum building codes
  • Administers the federal AmeriCorps, Campus Corps, and Volunteer Montana programs through the Office of Community Services
  • Oversees and regulates the Montana Workers' Compensation system

Organizationally, the department is divided into five divisions

  • 1) Workforce Services
  • 2) Unemployment Insurance
  • 3) Commissioner's Office/Centralized Services
  • 4) Employment Standards
  • 5) Technology Services Division

The Office of Community Services, Workers' Compensation Court, Board of Personnel Appeals, and Board of Labor Appeals are administratively attached. Under statute the Human Rights Commission is allocated to the Department of Labor and Industry for administrative purposes.

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