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Clicking on the docket links in the following PDFs will take you to all available documents on the Montana Public Service Commission's website for that matter. Other links will lead directly to specific Consumer Consumer Counsel filings in those dockets.


You can provide informal and formal comment on rate cases and other Commission proceedings in several ways. 

General comments can always be submitted using the contact information on the Commission website at

Written comments regarding a particular proceeding can be offered at the following link:

Most rate cases involve lengthy “technical” hearings which can be attended in person or observed via webcast through a link on the Commission’s website noted above.  Formally intervening parties’ witnesses offer testimony and are cross examined at these hearings.  Opportunities for public comment are also offered at times during the technical hearings.  Around the same time as the formal hearing, the Commission often also holds separate public information hearings that provide an additional  opportunity for public comment.  Notices for dates and times of these hearings can be found on the Commission website.

The Commission website also provides further information on public participation:

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