Montana State Legislature

2005-2006 Economic Affairs Committee

The Economic Affairs Interim Committee is assigned by law (5-5-223, MCA) to monitor the following state agencies and the entities attached to these agencies for administrative purposes:

The Committee's liaison with these agencies emphasizes the role that agriculture and ranching, tourism and commerce of all types, and the service industries play in economic affairs and economic development in Montana.

The Committee works with industries, the public and state agencies to address policy concerns related to economic activity, workforce issues, and the general business environment in Montana.

In meetings through the interim, the Committee focuses on study resolutions, rule review, oversight, and legislative proposals from the Committee and from agencies for which the Committee has monitoring responsibilities.

Statutory Duties for 2005-2006

Agenda and Minutes 


Rule Review

SJR 35 Study
- Proposed Legislation - Licensing Bill Introduction, LC7799

SJR 38 Study
- Proposed Legislation on Identity Theft
   LC 8877, LC 7800 ( Explanation), LC 8888

Economic Development
- Montana Economic Development Association
- Montana Association of Counties 


 Department of Agriculture report


SJR 38 - Identity Theft bill drafts and background info
                Security Freeze revised bill draft
                           Explanation of sections, issues remaining
                           ChoicePoint MayJune
                           Consumers Union MayJuneAddendum 
                           CDIA data on other states' laws, A-NVNH-W
                 Extending breach notification to government
                 Providing assistance to ID theft victims
                 Regulating off-site hardware/software use
                 Social Security Number display, collection
                           Agency use of Social Security Numbers, summary
                Appropriation billdata for ID theft education

SJR 35 Study of Licensing Boards
                 Sunrise proposal
                 Board - miscellaneous
                 Board review of existing boards
                           Boards by licensee numbers, budgets
                           Explanation of above bill drafts

Other Bill Draft Proposals
                 Revised definition of new motor vehicle dealer
                Appropriation for Montana Equity Capital Investment

Rule Review


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Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Materials

 Briefing paper on Social Security Numbers

 Comparison of Security Freeze proposals (REVISED)

 Background for SJR 35 Study
     Health CareBusiness and Occupational Personnel Costs
     Organization charts*: 
     Health Care beforeafter reorganization
     Business & Occupational beforeafter reorganization
     *Note: the organization charts are designed for 8x14 paper

 Rule Review


 Montana State Fund


Regarding medical assistants rule:
 Memo from Montana Nurses' Association
 House Bill No. 321
 MAR Notice No. 24-156-62 Issue 24
 Minutes from 2/21/2003 re: HB 321
 Recommendations for MA rules
 Donna McCreedy testimony on HB 321
 AARP Letter on MAR 24-156-62
 Testimony on HB 321, Hugh Hetherington
  Letterfrom EAIC to Board of Medical Examiners
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Agenda and Minutes (Summary)

SB 133 Information
Legal Counsel Analysis and Sidebar
        Table of Other States' Start-up Costs
        Writ of Mandamus information

SJR 35 Study
        Board budgets, licensees, neighboring state comparison
        Handout on structure, costs of boards in nearby states
        Memo regarding work group concerns

Rule Review

Biographies of ID Theft Speakers

        Government Information Technology Concerns

Agenda and Minutes (Summary

Material related to Board of Landscape Architects
(most available in paper copies only)
 Letter to Governor Schweitzer from Board chair
 Recent Board chronology

Rule Review List

SJR 35 Study
 Board ABCs
 Appendix I for Board ABCs Report (board aspects)
 Appendix II for Board ABCs/Survey Analysis(survey results)
 Appendix III for Board ABCs/Survey Analysis (key issues)
 Analysis of Survey Results
 Decision Tree (on legal-sized paper)

Updated Meeting Schedule

 Department of Agriculture report

Workplans for the Economic Affairs Committee and for studies

**Material from Seminar on Montana Families/Economic Success

Calendar for Legislative Committees

Assigned Studies -- Licensing Boards and Identity Theft

Committee Legislation for 2007

SJR 38 Identity Theft Study
(Previous bills revised after work group meeting):
                Security Freeze SB116revised; old LC8888 
                      Explanation of LC8888, issues remaining 
                      ChoicePoint MayJune
                      Consumers Union MayJuneAddendum 
                      CDIA data on other state's laws, A-NVNH-W
                  Government breach notification NewSB33 
                  Assistance to ID theft victims HB 35old LC8877
                      Explanation of victim assistance 
                      Additional victim assistance draft 
                      Addendum information for LC9833
                      Comments: ChoicePointMerlinMCUNSpencer
                Old social security number bill draft, SB33LC7800; 
                      Explanation of LC7800
                      Agency use of Social Security Numbers, summary
                 Appropriation bill, data for ID theft education HB15

SJR 35 Study of Licensing Boards
                 Sunrise proposal -- Revised version; SB53
                 Board - miscellaneous -- Revised version; SB54
                      Boards by licensee numbers, budgets
                      Explanation of SJR 35 bill drafts

                 Appropriation for Montana Equity Capital Investment HB34
                 Resolution to Congress supporting health care reform HJ1

Staff Reports

Committee Letters

SB 133 and Venture Fund Follow-up


State Agency Reports

Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity Reports
  - 6/2005

Department of Commerce Reports
  - 6/2005

Department of Agriculture
  - 9/2005

Department of Livestock
  - 9/2005

Department of Labor and Industry
  - 10/2005

State Auditor's Office
  - 2/2006

State Fund
  - 2/2006


Legislation   2005 Laws Economic Development

Rule Review

Rules reviewed for:









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