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The Local Government Interim Comittee met July 11-12 and completed its work for the interim. Legislation requested by the committee that will be brought before the 2019 Legislature is posted here.

  • Draft Agenda
  • Minutes Log
  • HJR 18 Tax Increment Finance Study 
    LAD Performance Audit report
  • HJR 25 Study of Municipal Fire Departments
    RFA bill draft
  • SJR 21 Study of EMS and Volunteer Firefighter Systems
    Study Review report
    SB 104 (2017)
    Community Health EMS handout
  • Local authority to restrict fireworks
    SB 44 (2015) 
    7-33-2212, MCA
  • Regulatory basis for accounting for local governments
    Department of Administration presentation
  • Entitlement Share
    LGIC letter to Legislative Council requesting entitlement share training for legislators
    Entitlement Share Payments: 2014 Department of Revenue report to RTIC
  • Tourism Impact on Gateway Communities
    Park County briefing paper and presentation
  • Local Government Single Audit Act
    Mitchell v. Glacier County Opinion
  • Land Use and Housing
    Missoula Organization of Realtors report: Making Missoula Home; Path to Attainable Housing
    76-3-616, MCA
    76-1-601, MCA

Administrative Matters

Interim Studies

  • HJR 25 study of municipal fire departments
    Study Resolution
    HB 534 (2017)
  • SJR 21 study of emergency medical and volunteer firefighter systems
    Study Resolution
    Montana Emergency Medical Services report to 2016 Education and Local Government Committee - DPHHS
    2007-08 Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee EMS report: Time for a Checkup; Monitoring Health Care Services in Montana
    National Fire Protection Association Journal - The Rural Fire Problem, July August 2017; "Shrinking Resources, Growing Concern"

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The Local Government (LGIC) Interim Committee is a joint bipartisan committee of the legislature that meets between legislative sessions. The LGIC’s statutory duties include:
(1) acting as a liaison with local governments;
(2) promoting and strengthening local government through recognition of the principle that strong communities with effective, democratic governmental institutions are one of the best assurances of a strong Montana;
(3) bringing together representatives of state and local government for consideration of common problems;
(4) providing a forum for discussing state oversight of local functions, realistic local autonomy, and intergovernmental cooperation;
(5) identifing and promoting the most desirable allocation of state and local government functions, responsibilities, and revenue;
(6) promoting concise, consistent, and uniform regulation for local government;
(7) coordinating and simplifying laws, rules, and administrative practices in order to achieve more orderly and less competitive fiscal and administrative relationships between and among state and local governments;
(8) reviewing state mandates to local governments that are subject to 1-2-112 and 1-2-114 through 1-2-116; and
(9) making recommendations to the legislature, executive branch agencies, and local governing bodies concerning findings.

LGIC's liaison activities with cities and counties provides an important forum for discussion of strong, effective governance at the community and county level.

The committee's work plan outlines how it will carry out its statutory duties and assigned study, as well as describing the addtional topics the committee decided to explore.

Committee Staff:

Sonja Nowakowski, Research Director
K. Virginia Aldrich, Attorney
Jenni Carr, Secretary

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