Montana State Legislature

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April 3 & 4, 2024
Fort Belknap & Fort Peck

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April 3-4, 2024


State-Tribal Consultation

Public Law 280


REMOTE PARTICIPATION is UNAVAILABLE for off-site meetings. Meeting recordings will be posted once they are concluded.

April 3 - Meeting at Fort Belknap Reservation

April 4 - Meeting at Fort Peck Reservation

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Law Enforcement Degree Proposal & Gallatin College Peace Officer Training Program 

Understanding Impact Aid

Legislator Training

State Agency Updates

911 Fund Allocation Formulas

Sierra Club Montana: Programmatic Work & Indian Country


Oct. 5 - Meeting with Little Shell Chippewa Tribal Council

Study on Missing Youth

Business Meeting and STRC Updates:


Oct. 6 - Meeting with Chippewa Cree Tribal Council

Montana Indian Child Welfare Act (MICWA) / Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)

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