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Montana Historic Preservation Grant

The Montana Historic Preservation Grant (MHPG) Program, administered by the Department of Commerce (DOC) and codified in Section 22-3-1305, MCA, provides competitive grants to historical societies, history museums, and other public or private entities for the preservation of Montana’s history and historic sites.

MHPG project grants are available on a competitive basis through statutory criteria established in Section 22-3- 1306, MCA. The statutory criteria include the following:

  1. Support of economic activity or stimulus,
  2. purpose and need of proposed project,
  3. project timeline and matching funds,
  4. state historic or heritage value,
  5. experience and capacity to complete proposed project, and
  6. ongoing and future state economic benefit.

Applicants must submit grant requests to DOC by March 1st of even numbered years. The MHPG program received 94 grant applications for consideration by the Sixty-seventh Legislature. The MHPG proposal will be presented in HB 12.

Applicants requested $24,111,510 in funds for the following project types:

  • 68 historic sites
  • 23 history museums
  • 3 historical society projects

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