Montana State Legislature

Required Reports

Required Reports

State law requires the following reports be provided to the Revenue Interim Committee. The reports listed below will be linked as they are provided to the committee.

Report Entity Deadline Statute
Qualified Endowment Tax Credit DOR Sept. 1, 2022 15-1-230
Exempt Property DOR Dec. 31, 2021 15-6-232 (section terminated)
Taxable Value Neutral Property Tax Rates DOR Sept. 1, 2022 15-7-111
Property Tax Abatements for Gray Water Systems DOR Sept. 1, 2022 15-24-3211
Student Scholarship Organizations Tax Credit DOR Sept. 1, 2022 15-30-3112
Countries that May Be Considered Tax Havens DOR Sept. 1, 2022 15-31-322

Economic impact of MEDIA Act credits

DOC July 2, 2022 15-31-1011
Biodiesel Blending and Storage DOR Dec. 31, 2021 No report because Legislature repealed credit
Receipts Less than Revenue Estimate Project OBPP As needed 17-7-140
Medical Marijuana Reports DOR Periodically 16-12-532

Grow Montana Jobs Tax Credit

(Oral report available at 17:01:10 of September 15, 2022 meeting)

DOR Sept. 1, 2022 15-30-2361
Forest Lands Taxation Advisory Committee DOR Sept. 1, 2022 15-44-103

Complaints Involving  Written Certification for the Use of Marijuana (annual)

BOME Sept. 1, 2022 16-12-532


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