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The 1945 Legislature enacted the Public Employees Retirement Law, which had been signed by Governor Sam C Ford in March, 1945. Its effective date was set as July 1, 1945. Beginning at this date all public employees in service on June 30, 1945, had the option of becoming members. By the end of the first fiscal year the system had 1,677 members consisting entirely of State employees. Today, MPERA administers eight different retirement systems with over 32,000 active members and almost 21,000 retirees.

Public Employee Retirement Systems Administered by MPERA

Public Employees' Retirement Board

The Public Employees' Retirement Board is an independent, seven-member board, appointed by the Governor to administer eight retirement systems and the State’s Deferred Compensation Plan. The Board approves MPERA's operating budget, decides legislative policy and priorities, and hires the executive director.  In addition, the Board establishes the policies and procedures that govern operations at MPERA, hear and rule on appeal matters of disabilitants, retirees, and members. Board members do not receive compensation for their service to MPERA, but are reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred while serving.

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  • Financial-Compliance Audit: Public Employees' Retirement Board (March 2023) - Full Report

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