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Overall Schedule of Legislative Committee Meetings, Training, and Legislator Opportunities (as of 1/12/20) - Updated!

SB 310 Study on the Legislature: Legislator and Public Comment Sought on January 14, 2020, 8 a.m., Room 137
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Detailed Schedule of Tuesday  January 14, 2020 (as of 12/20/19) 

Wednesday Breakout Session Agendas (as of 12/20/19)Reference Materials added on 1/7-10/20 (not all will be covered in the sessions, some are just good reference material!)

Legislative Fiscal Information on HB 715 Study

Press Release  12/20/2019


  • Other Social Events by Outside Parties (to have your information added here, please email  (Updated 1/3/2020)
  • Information on the Legislative Dinner on Tuesday, January 14, 2020:  Best Western Great Northern Hotel, 6 p.m.  (11/20/19)  (For legislators)
  • Lodging:  Hotels blocks information   (11/26/19)
  • Regarding reimbursement:  The Legislative Council approved salary and lodging for legislators to attend the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions.  Legislative Committees that are scheduled to meet will pick up their ordinary expenses.   If you are not on a legislative committee that is meeting that week, we will reimburse mileage.    
  • There will be opportunities for public comment at legislative meetings -- see agendas for details! 
  • To provide comments or receive further information, please email or call (406) 444-3066.

January 13th-17th, 2020

The Legislative Council and the Legislative Finance Committee are sponsoring a Legislative Week this January when all legislators will be invited to get together, receive training.  Tuesday and Wednesday are scheduled for all legislators to attend training sessions.  Many interim committees are meeting on Monday, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday providing an opportunity for legislators that are not on the committees to attend.

The purpose is to bring legislators together to “cross-pollinate” and provide opportunities to receive some additional training and share information.  It is also being held in conjunction with the study in Senate Bill No. 310 that is looking into annual sessions and we thought giving a chance to meet in January 2020 is a small way to try on meeting every year.

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