Montana State Legislature

Long-Range Information Technology Program

The Long-Range Information Technology Program (LRITP) is a program developed to fund large information technology (IT) projects. The LRITP consolidates large IT investments in one appropriation bill and defines major IT enterprises as capital projects. All projects included in the LRITP bill are overseen by the state chief information officer (CIO) within the Department of Administration (DOA).

The consolidation of major IT projects is intended to achieve several goals. First, IT projects are complex and require significant and time intensive planning, design, and management efforts, and by designating the projects as “capital projects”, the appropriation continues until completion of the project, as statutorily authorized in 2-17-560, MCA. Second, centralized project oversight is intended to enhance project management and foster stronger partnerships between agencies and the state CIO. Finally, having all the major projects in one piece of legislation facilitates a broad vision of the state IT program and related investments.

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