Montana State Legislature

Reclamation & Development Grants Program

The Reclamation and Development Grants Program (RDGP) is designed to fund projects that, “…indemnify the people of the state for the effects of mineral development on public resources and that meet other crucial state needs serving the public interest and the total environment of the citizens of Montana” (90-2-1102, MCA).

As provided in statute, projects approved in the RDGP are intended to:

  • Repair, reclaim, and mitigate environmental damage to public resources from non-renewable resource extraction
  • Develop and ensure the quality of public resources for the benefit of all Montana citizens

The RDGP is administered by DNRC, which solicits, evaluates, and ranks applications on a biennial basis. The program is required to prioritize $800,000 of funding to any government entity for abandoned mine reclamation projects. RDGP grants are limited to $500,000.

Public entities eligible to apply for grants include state and local governments, political subdivisions, and tribal governments. Applications are evaluated according to specific criteria related to:

  • Public benefit
  • Need and urgency
  • Appropriateness of technical design
  • Financial feasibility
  • Project management/organization
  • Program Budget Comparison

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