Montana State Legislature

Renewable Resource Grant & Loan Program

The Renewable Resource Grant and Loan (RRGL) program was created by the 1993 Legislature. This program combines the former Renewable Resource Development Program, established in 1975, and the Water Development Program, established in 1981. As outlined under Title 85, Chapter 1, part 6, MCA, the purpose of the RRGL is to fund projects that “enhance Montana's renewable resources through projects that measurably conserve, develop, manage, or preserve resources.”

The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) administers the RRGL program, which involves a biennial application process. DNRC and a technical review team initially evaluate each application for economic and technical feasibility, as well as to ensure that proposed projects are located in Montana. Qualifying applications are then examined according to five criteria:

  • Financial feasibility
  • Adverse environmental impact
  • Technical merit
  • Public benefit
  • Renewable resource benefit

The RRGL program consists of two individual programs, a grant program and a loan program, that will be detailed individually in this report.

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