2017-2018 Legislative Council

The Legislative Council is a statutory, bipartisan, legislative committee established in 1957.  The Council  is composed of the Speaker of the House, the President of the Senate, the Minority leaders of each chamber, and four members chosen by the Speaker of the House,and four members chosen by the Senate Committee on Committees, respectively two from the majority party and two from the minority party in each chamber.

It provides ongoing leadership, direction, and foresight for the efficient operation and improvement of the Legislative Branch. It is the administrative committee for the Legislative Services Division and the administrative committee that submits the Legislative Branch budget each session.

Proposed Meeting Dates - Updated 8/19
2019-2020 Montana Legislature Interim Committee Overview
Cumulative Summary of Strategic Planning Session Topics Since 2003
Senate Bill No. 310 Work Plan
Proposed "Legislative Week" Schedule
HB 715 First Draft (on LFC agenda 9/16-17) for "Legislative Week"

Summary of Strategic Planning Retreat: August 26, 2018, and August 27, 2018



Legislative Council Meeting; 8:30 a.m., Room 137

Joint meeting with Legislative Finance Committee; 11 a.m., Room 317

Audio/ Video
May 29, 2019

Meeting Materials


Minutes Log

Council legislation:

  • Code Commissioner Bill and Report — LC 9090 and Report
  • Revise constituent services account administration — LC0209
  • Revise method of setting legislator compensation — LC0210
  • Revise meal reimbursement for public employees — LC 211 update
  • Bill draft concept regarding legal publications — LC7272

Budget Item – Submitted Legislative Branch Budget Overview for 2020-21 Biennium

Meeting Materials

Rules Subcommittee - August 22, 2018

  • Agenda
  • Minute Log
  • Draft Joint Rules with Proposed Amendments
  • Draft House Rules with Proposed Amendments
  • Draft Senate Rules

Legislative Council - August 23, 2018

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Committee Staff:

Susan Byorth Fox, Executive Director, Lead Staff

Todd Everts, Legal Services Director, Attorney

Fong Hom, Secretary