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Tentative Commission Plan (NOT FINAL)

For files of the districts AS ADOPTED by the 2010 Districting Commission, please visit the Final Legislative Plan page.


PLEASE READ: The maps on this page show the Tentative Commission Plan (TCP). The TCP was the version of the maps initially adopted by the commission in August 2012. It was revised multiple time during the fall and winter of 2012. The maps below do not reflect the final version of the legislative redistricting plan as it was submitted to the Secretary of State. Instead, these maps of the draft plan are offered as archives to aid understanding of the commission's redistricting work and to supplement the meeting materials.

Statewide View

  • Report submitted to Legislature on January 8, 2013

Senate Districts

House and Senate District Maps

These maps reflect the 100 House Districts and 50 Senate Districts adopted by the commission on 12/6/12. The maps show Senate Districts, which are composed of two nested House Districts. The House District numbers appear in parantheses after each Senate District along with a list of counties in that Senate District.

In the maps themselves, Senate District labels show which holdover Senator is assigned to the district, if any. To see a full list of which House Districts make up each Senate District, the counties in the Senate District and the holdover senator assignments, please refer to the list in the Senate Districts section above.

For a more detailed view of the districts, including a street-level view, please use the Google Earth or Google Maps features available in the Statewide View section.

North Western Region

North Central Region

North Eastern Region

South East Region

Central Region

South Western Region

Western Region


House Districts - 12/6/12

Senate Districts - 12/6/12

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