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April (WRIS subcommittee) (TBD)

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May 20-21

July TBD

September 10-11

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April WRIS Subcommittee TBD

Full Committee May 20-21, 2024


Water Rights Information System 

Draft Agenda

Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC), WRIS,  Legislative Audit Update

DNRC notes on WRIS concerns

Subcommittee on Water Rights Information System


Memo from presiding officer

DNRC presentation on WRIS (Oct. 2023)


Study of Water Storage

  • Water Storage in Montana Governors Report (2023, Governors Office)
  • Montana State Water Plan & Drought Plan Water Storage Information Sheet (2023, DNRC)
  • Pages related to water storage from Montana State Water Plan (2015, DNRC)

Weather Modification Feasibility Study

British Columbia and Water Quality in the Elk-Kootenay/ia watershed

  • British Columbia environment ministry letter to Montana DEQ (Aug., 2023)

Update on SB 358: Repeal numeric nutrient standards for water quality (2021)

Administrative Rule Review

Water Rights Adjudication Update

Background Presentations for HB520

Policies Related to Water Commissioners

Administrative Matters

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