Resources & Organizations

The following documents and web pages, published by the Legislative Branch (except where noted otherwise), were produced to help legislators more effectively fulfill the duties and obligations of their official positions.

National Conference of State Legislatures 
A bipartisan organization, NCSL serves legislators and legislative staffs. This site provides legislative information and links relevant government sites. The Montana Legislature is a dues-paying member.

Council of State Governments
CSG is an association of the governments of states and territories. This site provides information on a multitude of issues of state concern. The Montana Legislature is a dues-paying member.

National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
This site provides information on activities promoting uniformity of state laws when such uniformity is helpful and possible. Drafts of proposed acts are provided in cooperation with the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

State Legislative Leaders Foundation
SLLF is a nonprofit, nonpartisan independent research and education foundation governed exclusively by sitting state legislative leaders.

National Caucus of Native American State Legislators
Founded in 1992, the caucus is a partnership of the National Conference of State Legislatures and the National Congress of American Indians.

Education Commission of the States
The Education Commission of the States was created by states, for states, in 1965. It tracks state policy trends, translates academic research, provides unbiased advice, and creates opportunities for state leaders to learn from one another.

American Legislative Exchange Council
A nonpartisan membership association for conservative state lawmakers who share a common belief in limited government, free markets, federalism, and individual liberty.