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Melanie Hall, Commissioner

Misty Ann Giles, Director of Department of Administration
Appointed by the Governor

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Division Overview

The Division of Baking and Financial Institutions (DBFI) became a division of the Department of Administration under 2001 legislation. Previously the Commissioner of Banking and Financial Institutions reported to the Department of Commerce. DBFI's mission is "to protect Montana citizens by regulating state-chartered and licensed financial institutions under its supervision" through six goals:

  • Protect Montanans who enter into consumer and residential mortgage loans with non-depository lenders from abuses that may occur in the credit marketplace
  • Raise the regulator standards for financial services regulation in Montana
  • Provide Montana citizens with a safe and sound system of state-chartered financial institutions
  • Promote the dual regulatory system that allows state and federal governments to act independently to charter, regulate, and supervise financial institutions for the good of Montanans
  • Improve the distribution of information and services through web-based tools
  • Create and maintain a highly qualified, professional, diverse, and responsive workforce

Legislative Audits

  • DBFI is audited within the Department of Administration's regular audits. The most recent (2020) audit of that department did not specify any concerns about DBFI.

August 2022:

The committee authorized the following agency proposed legislation:

  • Update the Montana Bank Act
  • Repeal Business and Industrial Development Corporations
  • Update the Montana Mortgage Act
  • Update Laws Related to Mutual Savings and Loan Associations

9/20/22 Letter: History of State Banking Board

February 2022


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