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Troy Downing, Commissioner of Securities & Insurance, State Auditor
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Agency Overview

The State Auditor's Office is the state government regulator of the insurance and securities industries and advocate for the citizens of Montana. The State Auditor:

  • Regulates certain securities activities in Montana, including registration or filing of securities, registration, examination, investigation, and discipline of broker-dealers, investment advisers, or other securities salespersons.
  • Regulates certain insurance products, insurers, and insurance producers in Montana as well as certain aspects of health service corporations and health maintenance organizations.
  • Collects premium taxes on insurance policies.
  • Oversees transfers of insurance premium taxes to certain pension and disability trust funds, and transfer from the general fund for fire department relief associations.
  • Oversees a repository of information, including for public bonds issued for major economic development projects, transition bonds, industrial development bonds, or bonds issued by the Montana Facility Finance Authority.
  • Oversees the Montana Living Trust Act and the Securities Restitution Assistance Fund.

Boards of other entities to which the State Auditor is statutorily assigned

  • Land Board
  • Board of Hail Insurance (administratively attached to the Department of Agriculture)
  • Montana Reinsurance Association
  • Board of State Canvassers

Legislative Audits

  • Financial-Compliance Audit, 20-20, March 2021; no recommendations
  • Financial-Compliance Audit, 18-20, March 2019; no recommendations 

Statutorily Required Reports to Economic Affairs

July 2022:

The committee authorized the following agency proposed legislation:

  • Reinsurance Program Updates
  • Air Ambulance Updates
  • Emergency Services Coverage Updates
  • Repeal Insurance Continuing Education Council
  • Bail Bonds
  • Cabin Site Sales
  • Generally Revise Laws Enforced by the State Auditor

September 2021:

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