Montana State Legislature

Department of Labor & Industry


Agency Leadership

Laurie Esau, Commissioner
Appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the Senate

Agency Website

Agency Overview

The Department of Labor & Industry is comprised of four main divisions:

  • Business Standards Division: Building Codes, Permits, Weights and Measures, Professional Licensing, and Boards
  • Employment Relations: Worker's Compensation, Human Rights, Workplace Safety and Health, Wage and Hour, Prevailing Wages, and Public Sector Collective Bargaining
  • Unemployment Insurance: Unemployment Insurance Claims, Fraudulent Claims, Pay and File Taxes, Employer Resources, and Quarterly Reports
  • Workforce Services: Job Services, Training, Skill Development, Jobs for Montana Graduates, Montana Registered Apprenticeship, Montana Works, Labor Market Information

Boards & Entities Attached to the Department of Labor & Industry

  • 37 professional and occupational licensing boards (most under Title 37)
  • Board of Personnel Appeals, established under 2-15-1705, MCA
  • The Commission for Human Rights, established under 2-15-1706, MCA
  • The Office of Workers' Compensation Judge, established under 2-15-1707, MCA
  • The State Workforce Innovation Board, established under 53-2-1203, MCA, in conjunction with federal law
  • The Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, established under 2-15-1704, MCA
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