Montana State Legislature

Required Reports


State law requires that a number of reports be provided to the EAIC throughout the interim. The reports listed below will be linked as they are provided to the committee.

Status of SRA for Death Certificate Fees Board of Funeral Services Sept. 1 37-19-204
Medical Marijuana Providers Board of Medical Examiners Sept. 1 16-12-532
Drug Registry Board of Pharmacy Sept. 1 37-7-1514
Adult-Use Marijuana Licensees CCD Sept. 1 16-12-110
Inspection Licensed Premises Biennial CCD Sept. 1 16-12-210
Distressed Wood Products Loan Account Commerce Sept. 1 90-1-503
MT Heritage Commission Indirect Rate Commerce Sept. 1 22-3-1002
UI Program Integrity Act Labor & Industry Sept. 1 39-51-706
Occupational Licensing Boards Joint Meetings Labor & Industry Sept. 1 37-1-107
MSF Annual Report Montana State Fund Sept. 1 5-5-223
MT Reinsurance Association State Auditor June 30 33-22-1308
Hydrocarbon & Geology Investigation Program Bureau of Mines As needed 90-2-201
Coal Ash Markets Investigation Program Commerce As needed 90-2-202

The following economic affairs-related reports are required to be submitted to the legislature as a whole and the Economic Affairs Interim Committee may request copies and/or presentations on them during the interim. A clearinghouse of reports to the legislature is maintained here:

Medical Practitioner Drug Dispensing Board of Pharmacy Sept. 1 2023 SB374
MT Board of Investments Annual Report Commerce Dec. 31 17-5-1650
Montana Heritage Commission Biennial Report Commerce Feb. 1 (odd years) 22-3-424
UI Benefits for Victims of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, or Stalking Labor & Industry Sept. 1 39-51-2111
Apprenticeship & Training Annual Report Labor & Industry Sept. 1 39-6-101
Livestock Loss Reduction Report Livestock Sept. 1 2-15-3113
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