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Holly O'Dell, President & CEO
Appointed by the Board of Directors

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Agency Overview

Montana State Fund (MSF) is the state's largest workers' compensation insurance company, protecting approximately 25,000 businesses, organizations and their workers. 

Provides a guaranteed market, meaning MSF must write workers' compensation policies, regardless of the risk presented, unless a requester has defaulted on a state fund obligation. MSF serves as one option for any employer that wants workers' compensation in addition to private insurance and self-insurance. 

MSF is a non-profit, independent public corporation, per 39-71-2313, MCA; is subject to a legislative directive to "be neither more nor less than self-supporting" (39-71-2311, MCA), and enabled under 39-71-2316, MCA, to "perform all functions and exercise all powers of a private insurance carrier that are necessary, appropriate, or convenient for the administration of the state fund."

Board of Directors
Appointed by the Governor

Name Term Expires
Richard Miltenberger, Chair 03/31/2025
Nancy Butler 03/31/2027
Karen Fagg 03/31/2025
Wylie Galt 03/31/2027
Michael Marsh 03/31/2025
John Maxness 03/31/2025
Dexter Thiel 03/31/2027

Legislative Audits

MSF Financial-Compliance Audit (23C-15); July 2023

MSF Financial-Compliance Audit (22-05); August 2022

Statutorily Required Reports to Economic Affairs

  • 07/11/2023: Montana State Fund Annual Report Annual Report; use in accordance with 5-5-223 MCA; 2023 Report

Reports to the Legislature Related to Economic Affairs

Meeting Participation

July 2023:

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