Montana State Legislature

Ballot Initiative Review

The EAIC is required to review proposed statewide initiatives that relate to its subject area. The Legislature enacted Senate Bill 93 (SB 93) in 2023 to clarify and review the review process enacted in House Bill 651 (HB 651) in 2021. The revised law provides that a statewide initiative includes a constitutional initiative, a constitutional convention initiative, or a statutory initiative.

Section 13 of SB 93 requires the interim committee to hold a public hearing on a statewide initiative referred to the committee by the executive director of the Legislative Services Division. The committee then votes to either support or not support the placement of the proposed statewide initiative on the ballot. The petition used to gather signatures to place the statewide initiative on the ballot must include the interim committee vote. SB 93 applies to statewide initiatives submitted to the secretary of state after May 19, 2023.

Ballot Issue #9 Related Materials

September 2023

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