Montana State Legislature

Department of Commerce


Agency Leadership

Paul Green, Director
Appointed by the Governor, to be confirmed by the Senate in 2025

Agency Website

Agency Overview

The Department of Commerce partners with communities, businesses, and organizations across the state to strengthen Montana's economy. The department is comprised of four major operational divisions:

  • Brand MT, which includes the following programs:
    • Office of Tourism
    • Marketing
    • Montana Film
    • Made in Montana Program
    • Tourism Grant Program
  • Business MT, which includes the following programs:
    • Indian Country Programs
    • Export Montana
    • Montana Small Business Development Center
    • Choose Montana
    • Montana Works
    • Business Navigator
  • Community MT, which includes the following programs and boards:
    • Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)
    • Community Technical Assistance Program (CTAP)
    • Montana Main Street Program
    • Montana Historic Preservation Grant Program (MHPG)
    • Montana Coal Endowment Program (TSEP)
    • Coal Board
    • Hard Rock Mining Impact Board
  • Montana Housing, which includes the following units:
    • Montana Board of Housing
    • Housing Assistance Bureau
  • Director's Office, which includes:
    • Offices of Accounting and Budget; Legal Affairs; Human Resources; Information Technology, and Communications
    • Montana Council on Developmental Disabilities

Entities Administratively Attached to the Department of Commerce

  • Board of Investments (2-15-1808, MCA)
  • Board of Horse Racing (2-15-1809, MCA)
  • Montana Facility Finance Authority (2-15-1815, MCA)
  • Montana Heritage Preservation & Development Commission (22-3-1002, MCA)

Legislative Audits

Statutorily Required Reports to Economic Affairs

  • Distressed Wood Products Industry Loan Account (annual report); use in accordance with 90-1-503 MCA
  • MT Heritage Preservation & Development Commission Administrative Rate (annual report); use in accordance with 22-3-1002 MCA
  • Coal Ash Markets and Hydrocarbon & Geology Investigation Programs; use in accordance with 90-2-201 and 90-2-202 MCA
  • Board of Investments (annual report); use in accordance with 17-5-1650 MCA
  • Community Property-Assessed Capital Enhancement Program; Montana Facility Finance of Authority; use in accordance with 90-4-1303 MCA
  • Veterans’ Home Loan Mortgage Loan Reports; Board of Housing; use in accordance with 90-6-604 MCA
  • Matching Infrastructure Planning Grant Awards; use in accordance with 90-6-703 MCA
  • Treasure State Endowment Program awards; use in accordance with 39-6-101 MCA

Reports to the Legislature Related to Economic Affairs

Meeting Participation

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