Montana State Legislature

Meeting Information

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Meeting Details:

September 12-13, 2022

Montana Capitol Room 317/Zoom

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

The September 12-13 meetings will conclude the committee's work for the 2021-2022 Interim.

Meeting Materials

Previous meeting materials can be found in the minute logs or under the topic tabs.

Remote Participation Request

The committee will hold its final meeting on September 12, 2022, at the Capitol. 

On September 13, the committee will join with members of the Education Interim Budget Committee and representatives from other entities with constitutional authority for the governance of education to continue a discussion on how to increase student opportunities and improve educational outcomes across the state.

September meeting materials will be posted as they are available.

September 12 Committee meeting

Draft agenda

Staff memo on Chapter 55 revisions related to proficiency-based and learner-centered education

Transformational Learning Program report (BPE/OPI)

Montana State Library agency requested legislation

Montana University System updates

Reemployment of Retired Teachers report (TRS)

Office of Public Instruction updates

Review of Provisional Bill Drafts

  • Provisional bill draft memo
  • PD 13 (Laura) - clean-up transportation laws
  • PD 14 (Laura) – revising the Quality Educator Loan Assistance Program
  • PD 30 (Pad) – clean-up related to payment dates
  • PD 44 (Pad) – clean-up definition of "over-BASE budget levy" (was PD 31)
  • PD 32 (Pad) – truancy laws based on enrollment rather than compulsory age
  • PD 33 (Pad) - prohibit school districts operating schools outside district boundaries
  • PD 45 (Pad) - revise Transformational Learning program

HJ 47 Study Summary

Required written reports to EDIC that will not be presented during the meeting:

September 13 Joint meeting

Draft agenda

June 6 Meeting Summary (NCEE)

NCEE/NCSL slide deck


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