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Meeting Details:

June 17, 2024
8:30 a.m. Rm 317
Helena, MT

June 19, 2024
3:00 p.m. Rm TBD
Helena, MT

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Upcoming Meeting Dates:

September 16-17, 2024


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June 17 & 19, 2024

The June 17 meeting will be a joint meeting with the Education Interim Budget Committee and a convening of the “Constitutional Players” – see this handout for an explanation.

On June 19, the Education Interim Committee will hold a short committee meeting from 3 to 5 p.m. after LEG Days concludes.

Meeting materials will be added as they become available.

Previous Meeting Materials

March 11-12, 2024

*Anything in italics will be posted when ready*

Final Agenda (March 8, 2024)

Day 1

Administrative Rule Review

Montana University System updates

4 Day School Week

Recruitment and Retention

HB 408 Education Tax Credits

Day 2 Joint with the Education Interim Budget Committee

Review Status and Implementation of 2023 Legislation

School Funding Clean-up Memo


Encouraging Educational Innovation (Dr. Ashley Berner)

Teach Act

Accreditation Standards Revision Process Update (OPI)

Constitutional Players

OPI Data Modernization Report (HB 367; February 2024)

January 9 - 10, 2024

Agenda (updated 1/8/24)

**Anything in Italics will be posted when available**

Day 1

Administrative Rule Review

Montana Arts Council

Montana School For the Deaf and Blind (MSDB)

2023 Education Legislation Implementation Updates

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Community Schools

School Funding Cont'd – Other Funds: Transportation, Retirement, Building Reserve, and Debt Service

Work Plan Outline

Day 2


The Future of Education

Artificial Intelligence and Implications for Education

Reflection on Visit to Bishop Carroll High School

Education & Workforce Data

School Funding: The Decennial Study and Data Haves, Wants, Needs

OPI Modernization Report

Meeting in Missoula, MT included joint sessions each with the Board of Public Education and (BPE) on the 16th and the Board of Regents (BOR) on the 17th.


Administrative Rule Review

Office of Public Instruction (OPI) Related Documents

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Montana University System (MUS) Documents

Draft  EDIC Work Plan Outline

Agenda (updated 9/10/2023)

Administrative Rule Review, September 2023, Laura Sankey Keip, LSD

Montana University System

HJ 47 Follow-up

Chapter 55 Implementation: School Accreditation Standards

Office of Public Instruction (OPI) Updates

Science of Reading

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

School Funding 101

Committee Work Plan


Joint Meeting Materials (with Interim Budget Committee, Section E)

Education and Workforce initiatives of the Department of Labor and Industry

OPI Assessment Updates

HB 332 Update

New Reporting Requirements for Education-Related Programs

HB 287 Implementation Update

The Future of Education in Montana

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