Montana State Legislature

Meeting Information

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Meeting Details:

June 14, 2022

Montana Capitol Room 137/Zoom

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

September 12-13 (final meeting; Helena)

Meeting Materials

Previous meeting materials can be found in the minute logs or under the topic tabs.

Remote Participation Request

June 14 meeting materials

Final agenda (posted 6/13)

Administrative Rule Review memo

Agency-requested legislation

Lead in School Water

Office of Public Instruction materials

Montana University System - "Apply Montana" web portal

Committee Work Session

  • Reports memo
  • Provisional bill drafts memo
    • PD 30 (Pad) – clean-up related to payment dates
    • PD 31 (Pad) – clean-up definition of "over-BASE budget levy"
    • PD 32 (Pad) – truancy laws based on enrollment rather than compulsory age
    • PD 33 (Pad) - prohibit school districts operating schools outside district boundaries
    • PD 35 (Pad) – providing a definition of mastery-based education
    • PD 36 (Pad) - replace transformational learning program
    • PD 12 (Laura) – eliminate reduced-price co-pays for school meals
    • PD 13 (Laura) - clean-up transportation laws
    • PD 14 (Laura) – revising the Quality Educator Loan Assistance Program

School employee health benefits

Committee work plan outline (for discussion/planning)

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